COVID-19: Supplementary information for guests


Dear Guest, we appreciate your preference.

We are prepared to receive you and we guarantee that everything will be done to make you feel safe during your stay.

For your safety, as well as that of all our employees, please read the following information carefully.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


    Cleaning and disinfection:

●     In order to guarantee correct cleaning and disinfection, we will not be able to perform early check-in or late check-out.

●     We inform that the check-out will be until 12 PM and the check in after 15 PM.

●     After check out, all windows will be opened for air circulation.

●     All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected with specific products for cleaning and disinfection or alcohol-based, paying special attention to areas of frequent touch such as: Door Handles, Switches, TV Controls and Air Conditioning.

●     All our mattresses have a waterproof cover that is changed with each reservation.

●     All sheets and towels are washed at high temperatures (Service performed by a specialized external laundry).

●     Curtains, sofas and other fabric items are disinfected with a disinfectant spray suitable for fabrics.


    Preparing your stay

●     We advise you to purchase Travel Insurance to cover any cancellations or interruptions to your stay.

●     All guests must bring a mask. In Portugal, all closed public places require the use of a mask.

●     If you do not have a mask at check in, you can purchase one with us.

●     Since it is necessary to report all suspicious cases to the authorities, it is advisable to have a working phone in Portugal. In case of suspicion, we have an active protocol and will always be available to help you in whatever way possible.


      Check in

●     We will continue to perform the check in person, with the necessary adaptations.

●     Handshakes or other greeting with physical contact are not allowed.

●     There is an Accommodation book with rules and instructions available online. Please read this book carefully and contact us if you have any questions.


     Inside the property

●     We have hand sanitizer available at the entrance, in all common areas and soap dispensers in all sanitary facilities.

●     All rooms and common areas are cleaned and disinfected according to the recommendations of Turismo de Portugal and the General Directorate of Health Office.

●     During your stay please keep the space clean and safe for your family.

●     If there is any situation that requires assistance, a member of our team will meet you in the room. During the period of your stay all people (staff and guests) must wear masks.

●     Consider leaving the bedroom windows open during your stay for air circulation, whenever you are away from it and as long as the weather conditions allow.

●     Use common spaces only when necessary and always using a mask.

●     Keep social distance.


Suspected COVID cases:

If a guest has any of these symptoms:

●     Cough

●     Fever

●     Difficulty breathing

Contact us immediately

●     Phone: +351 915 843 782

Contact the Health 24 Hotline at 808242424. This number only works from a Portuguese number. If you do not have a Portuguese number, please contact us so that we can forward your call.


In case you have to stay in isolation, an extension of your stay may be possible subject to availability.

The costs of this extension will be paid by the Guest themselves.


       Check out

●     Please leave the windows open for air circulation.

●     Regarding the used masks and gloves, we request that you put them in the trash can.


 Riversuites' staff wishes all their guests a great stay.